Appears in: Tv series movies and webisodes


Adventures in lalaloopsy land: The search for pillow

Lala-oopsies: A sew magical tale

Lalaloopsy babies: First steps

Lalaloopsy girls: welcome to Lala-prep school

Lalaloopsy: festival of surgery sweets

Lalaloopsy: band together(Cameo)


Jewel sparkles un-birthday party

Mittens fluff n' stuff wants a snow day

Pillow featherbed up all night

Bea spells a-lot and the pet talent show


Batter up

Princess parade


Dot's moon mission

The big sheep sleep

March of the April fools

Saved by the gift

Flight plan

In a jam

Pickles delivers

A tree grows in lalaloopsy land

A hobby for bea


Rosy's day off

Sleepless in lalaloopsy land

Stuck on you

Holly's joyful holiday

Mabelnut muffin mission

By the book

Mango's mainland holiday

Belly laugh

Cherry on top


Pet peeve

No laughing matter

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