(The webisode starts off at Jewel's house.)

Jewel: "It's here it's finally here today is my birthday hooray!ya know what the best thing about birthdays the parties and this year I'm gonna throw myself the best party ever."

Kitty: (Nods).

Jewel: "I've already plan it all out I just need a little help from my friends."

(She went to dot's house.)

Jewel: "Hey Dot I'm planning the best birthday party for myself and I can really use your help."

Dot: "Uh come in."

Jewel: "Could you make those cool moon decorations out of your special silver paper."

Dot: (Shooks her head)"I'm sorry but I'm all out of silver paper I wish I could help."

Jewel: "It's alright I have lots of other great things on the list to make the party great thanks anyway."

Dot: "Uh goodbye."

(She went to Crumbs's house.)

Jewel: "And I was thinking you could make your double layer chocolate cake so my birthday party will be perfect perfect perfect."

Crumbs: "I wish I could but...I'm all out of sugar so I can't make a cake for your party."

Jewel: "Not even a small cake,Some cookies,One little tiny cupcake."

Crumbs: (Shooks her head).

Jewel: "Well cake or no cake the party must go on."

Crumbs: "Good luck and happy birthday."

(She went to peanut's house.)

Jewel: "Peanut I think you'll love your party assignment since you're so good at making everyone laugh you'll be the entertainment."

Peanut: (Sneezes).

Jewel: "So as I was saying you could sing,dance,tell jokes."

Peanut: (Sneezes)"I'm sorry jewel but I have a cold maybe someone else should be the entertainment."

Jewel: "That's okay hope you'll feel better soon peanut."

(She went back home it was night time.)

Jewel: "At least you could celebrate my party kitty."

(She turns on the light.)

All: "Surprise."