A Hobby for BeaA Little Change of PlaceA Little Goes A Long Way
A Tree Grows in Lalaloopsy LandAce Fender BenderAce in the Hole
Adventures in Lalaloopsy Land: The search for PillowAdventures in Lalaloopsy Land: The search for Pillow/TranscriptsAngel Cake's Enchanted Adventure!
Apple Pickle PieBalancing ActBatter Up!
Bea Spells-a-LotBea Spells-a-Lot And the Pet Talent ShowBea Spells-a-Lot And the Pet Talent Show/Transcripts
Belly LaughBerry's RelationshipBerry Jars 'N Jam
Blanket FeatherbedBlossom's Amazing AmaziesBlossom's Rare Plant
Blossom FlowerpotBundles Snuggle StuffBy the Book
Candle Slice'o CakeCharacter AppearancesCharlotte Charades
Cherry on TopCriss Cross CrisisCrumbs Sugar Cookie
Don't Fence Me InDot's Moon MissionDot Starlight
Dot and the StarcatcherDyna-mic DuoDyna Might
Eight Legged FriendEmber Flicker FlameFlight Plan
Forest EvergreenHolly's Joyful HolidayHolly Sleighbells
In a JamJewel's Jewel ChestJewel Sparkles
Jewel Sparkles Un-Birthday PartyJewel Sparkles Un-Birthday Party/TranscriptsKnick Knack Knock Knock
Lala-oopsy a Sew Magical TaleLalaloopsy Episodes WikiLife of the Parties
Little Bah PeepMabelnut Muffin MissionMango's Mainland Holiday
March of the April FoolsMari Golden PetalsMarina Anchors
Misty's Magic HeroMisty MysteriousMisty Mysterious Gets Magicianed
Mittens Fluff 'N' StuffMittens Fluff 'N' Stuff Wants a Snow DayMittens Fluff 'N' Stuff Wants a Snow Day/Transcripts
Nighty KnightNo Laughing MatterNow You See Him, Now You Don't
Out On a LimbPatch TreasurechestPeanut Big Top
Peanut Big Top Learns to Ride a UnicyclePeanut Big Top Learns to Ride a Unicycle/TranscriptsPeggy Seven Seas
Pepper Pots 'n' PansPeppy Pom PomsPeppyball
Pet PeevePickles B.L.T.Pickles Delivers
Pillow FeatherbedPillow Featherbed Up All NightPillow Featherbed Up All Night/Transcripts
Pix E. FluttersPrairie Dusty TrailsPrincess Parade
Princess Spaghetti DayRosy's Day OffRosy Bumps 'N' Bruises
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Squirt Lil TopStar Magic SpellsStorm E. Rolls In
Storm E. SkyStorm E. Sky's AheadStuck on You
Sunny Side UpSuzette La SweetThe Big Sheep Sleep
The Case of the Missing PicklesThe GalleryTippy Tumblelina
Tower of TreasureTrinket SparklesTrunk Show
Two Pirates Are Better Than OneWinter's Wonderful Ice and Snow ShowWishful Thinking
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