Lalaloopsy Episodes Wiki



(The Webisodes starts off at pillow's house everyone is having a pillow fight.)

All: (Laughing).

Mittens: "That was fun."

Spot: "Pillow you throw the best sleepover parties."

Pillow: "Thank you(Yawns)Now maybe it's time we go to bed."

Peanut: "Not me i'm having too much fun I want to stay up all night."

Bea: "Me too."

Crumbs: "That sounds great."

Jewel: "I'm not going to sleep ever."

Pillow: "I don't know,I'm pretty sleepy I might just fall asleep."

Bea: "Don't sleep pillow(Do some jumping jacks.)Let's do exercises to stay awake."

Mittens: (Yawns).

Spot: "I saw that yawn are you going to sleep mittens."

Mittens: "No way I'll make snowflakes to stay awake."

(She makes a paper snowflake.)

Crumbs: "I'm going to keep myself up by baking cookies."

Peanut: "There's no way I can fall asleep while I'm juggling."

Jewel: "I can brush kitty's fur all night then I'll never fall asleep."

Spot: "Painting in stars needs to stay awake."

Pillow: "Looks like everyone is going to stay up all night what should we do sheep read a story have some milk and cookies."

(Her friends are all passed out.)

All: (Snoring).

Pillow: "Or maybe we should(yawns)just get some rest,Goodnight everyone."